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Each week, Shawn Battle and Matt Leighton talk real estate live on facebook, instagram and the show is recorded for our youtube channel. Check out all of the videos about local and national real estate topics below!

Amazon HQ2 made Arlington and Alexandria the hottest market in the country! We have been talking about how strong our real estate market has become, especially in Arlington and Alexandria.  Now the news is out and it is official! Watch our video about what the Amazon effect has done to our local real estate market!

Foreign investment in the US real estate market is down by $43 billion in 2019 compared to 2018.  Some of this is due to the Chinese government being more restrictive, others could be from the current trade wars.  This is hitting some of the large markets like New York and Miami who rely heavily on foreign investment.

Is the fact that foreign investment has slowed down a good thing for our real estate market?  Does a lot of foreign real estate investment cause an artificial increase in price?  Shawn and Matt answer those questions and more in this video.

This is a top 10 list of the most expensive cities for an expatriate. For people that don’t know, that is someone living outside of their native country ;).

Amazon recently introduced a new program called Amazon Turnkey. It is essentially a program that will offer Amazon credit (in the form of a gift card) to home buyers who purchase a home by using one of the Amazon-affiliated real estate agents. Amazon chose to partner with Realogy on the new program. Realogy owns a handful of real estate brokerages including Century 21, Coldwell Banker, ERA Real Estate, Sotheby’s International Realty, NRT, Better Homes and Gardens and a few other brands.

In this video Shawn and Matt talk about Purplebricks, a discount brokerage that is big in the UK and tried the US market, but ended up failing.  Find out why in this video.

The topic about this video is how to lose a ton of money in a real estate transaction through wire fraud!  This is a huge topic right now, so learn how to protect yourself when you are buying and selling real estate

In this video, Shawn and Matt discuss the top 10 cities in the United States to buy real estate.  The real estate market in 2019 has been very tough in the Arlington, Va area for purchasers, so watch the video to find out where your dollar goes a lot further as a buyer.

A lot of people talk about how easy it would be to become a real estate agent and how quick and big the money is, but is it really?  Sure, if you are watching HGTV or Million Dollar Listing, the money seems easy.  But what is the reality of being a real estate agent?  In this video, Matt and Shawn discuss the pros and cons and myths of being a real estate agent.

5 DC Neighborhoods where the Real Estate Market is Shifting In this video, real estate agents and Realtors Shawn Battle and Matt Leighton discuss the five neighborhoods in D.C. that are actually starting to shift in favor of home buyers. After watching the video, be sure to head on over to Urban Turf to read the full article:… Five Neighborhoods in D.C. where the market is shifting in the buyer’s favor: 3:35 – 1. McLean, VA (22101) 5:00 – 2. West End/Foggy Bottom (20037) 7:28 – 3. Chevy Chase, MD (20815) 9:15 – 4. 16th Street Heights/Fort Totten (20011) 10:30 – 5. Georgetown (20007)

Sneaky Ways to Alter the Real Estate Contract – Hacking the Real Estate Contract. In this video, Realtors and real estate agents Shawn Battle and Matt Leighton discuss the ways that real estate agents are altering the real estate contract to help their clients. Some hacks are beneficial, others are borderline misleading.

Realtor Class Action Lawsuit – National Association of Realtors Collusion Lawsuit In this video, Shawn Battle and Matt Leighton talk about the class action lawsuit against the National Association of Realtors. Realtor class action lawsuit –… It should be noted that neither Matt nor Shawn are lawyers, they are not giving legal advice, and this video is for informational purposes only. The class action lawsuit alleges that the NAR (National Association of Realtors), along with Realogy, HomeServices of America, RE/MAX and Keller Williams all violated antitrust laws by conspiring to require home sellers to pay the buyer’s broke commission at inflated rates. The lawsuit states that NAR requires a non-negotiable buyer-side commission when listing a home on the Multiple Listing Service.

Redfin Direct – The End of the Buyer Agent? In this video, Shawn Battle and Matt Leighton talk about the new Redfin Direct. Refin Direct just launched and is a service that offers buyers a rebate if they don’t use a buyer’s agent. Inman article ($):… Back to the Future: The Buy-It Button Comes to… To be clear, Shawn and Matt aren’t ‘Redfin basher’s’, they both use the Redfin app. Redfin Direct is essentially a variable rate commission. Variable rate means that if the same brokerage (Redfin) brings the buyer, then the seller has the option to pay a lower commission. In theory, if the seller has agreed in the listing agreement to pay a lower commission to the buyer agent if a Redfin buyer submits an offer, then the seller will be more likely to accept that offer.

New Construction Homes: What You Need to Know When Buying a New Construction Home In this video, Shawn Battle and Matt Leighton talk about buying new construction and everything you need to know when purchasing a new construction property. The example used is 2000 Clarendon, a brand new luxury high rise development in Arlington, Virginia. 2000 Clarendon is scheduled to have 87 residences on 15 stories. If you have any questions about 2000 Clarendon or you want to set up a private showing, please reach out to Shawn or Matt directly.

Real Estate Agency – The Different Types of Real Estate Representation Dual representation? Designated representation? In this video, Shawn Battle and Matt Leighton discuss the differences between the types of representation in real estate transactions. Can you save money as a buyer with dual representation? Is it wise to be open to designated representation if you are selling your property?

Buying a House Tips – 8 Ways to Save Money When Buying a House.  In this video, Shawn Battle and Matt Leighton talk about 8 ways to save money when buying a house.  Some of these include targeting properties that have been sitting on the market, negotiating credits instead of repairs and opting not to buy a home warranty policy.

Is the 2019 DC Real Estate Market Sustainable?  We are in one of the hottest real estate markets that we can remember, with prices increasing, buyers waiving their contingencies and huge competition.  But is this sustainable?  Healthy?  Check out this video where Shawn and Matt discuss just that.

Is the 2019 Real Estate Market in the Washington DC area what we thought?  Check out Shawn and Matt’s early predictions on what to expect in the local Arlington market in 2019 with the news of Amazon moving in.

What Real Estate Agents WON’T Tell You…Top 5 Things Agents Don’t Tell Consumers In this video, real estate agents and Realtors Shawn Battle and Matt Leighton talk about the top 5 things that real estate agents do not have to legally disclose to you. Keep in mind that this is for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Disclosure laws in your jurisdiction may vary.

First Time Home Buyer Mistakes in 2019 In this video, Arlington real estate agent and Realtor Shawn Battle talks with real estate agent and Realtor Matt Leighton about the worst mistakes first time home buyers are making in the current market. Shawn works with a lot of first time home buyers and has started to notice a trend in the most common first time home buyer mistakes when purchasing a house. In the video, Shawn and Matt discuss the worst first time home buyer mistakes, why first time home buyers think that those mistakes are actually a good idea, and what to do instead of making those mistakes.

Is the Real Estate Market Crashing? 2019 Real Estate Market Predictions in Arlington and the surrounding Washington, DC area! Real estate agents Shawn Battle and Matt Leighton talk about their 2019 real estate market predictions and answer the question, “Is the Real Estate Market Crashing?”

We just learned in late 2018 that Amazon has chosen Arlington, Virginia as its head quarters for HQ2.  In this video, Shawn Battle and Matt Leighton talk about what they think will happen to the real estate market and how much impact Amazon will have on real estate prices in the DMV.